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Mirror Alignment Station

Did you know that in the past 10 years, there have been 197 DANGER ZONE fatalaties? This doesn't include the numerous non-fatal DANGER ZONE accidents that occur each year.

Did you know that properly adjusted mirrors can help prevent many of these accidents?

Let Reeder Transportation Training Center (RTTC) help your drivers adjust their mirrors properly. RTTC has developed The Mirror Alignment Station Stencil (click here to order) to help bus drivers from school districts from around the country to adjust their mirrors correctly. By appliyin the stencil to the ground, bus drivers can learn to properly adjust their mirrors and use them correctly to identify all DANGER ZONES and WALK ZONES around the school bus.

Contact Reeder Transportation Training Center (email or at 1-888-433-7882) today with any questions regarding the stencil or safety consulting services.

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